Watchcat - Automatically Reconnect

Watchcat is a software add on that will check for connectivity and reboot if necessary at user-designated intervals. This way if you somehow get disconnected the Anonabox PRO would have a way to automate re-connecting.

Here's how to get started:

Install it using the software section on the interface by logging in to the admin interface, then use the System tab and from the dropdown menu select Software.

Click the button named Update Lists. You will then need to wait about 10 seconds for all the package lists to update.

When its done, type “watchcat” into the search field and then click the tab named “available packages”. There will be one in that list named luci-app-watchcat. Click the text next to it titled “install”. It will prompt you to make sure you want to install it, just click 'ok'

It will take about 5 seconds to install, there may be an error or two but you can ignore it.

After that is done click 'logout' in the top right corner to log out of the interface, then log back in again as you normally would.

Now you can click the Services dropdown menu and click the option named Watchcat.

You can of course customize these setting to be anything you want, but here is an example config for that page that might suit your needs: