Notes on Firmware Version 4.9

CSS Update

Anonabox Pro Firmware update version 4.9 contains several improvements, among them is a streamlined CSS for the admin user interface which adds some functionality and usability. When you upgrade from a previous version of the firmware to this one, your browser may keep the old version of the CSS cached. If this happens, you will be able to tell by the look of the interface. There will be a sort of mismatch between the html of the new interface and the previous version of the html. One easy way to tell if the CSS has updated in your browser is to look at the gradient colors behind the popup messages. In previous version of the firmware, the gradients in the popup messages was a transition from blue to beige like so:

Whereas the gradient colors in popups using the new firmware CSS transition from beige to white like so:

If you have upgraded your firmware from an old version to the new 4.9 firmware and you see the colors in the old CSS, one easy way to see the new CSS is to use another browser to log onto the admin interface. If you are using Chrome for example, try logging into the Admin interface using firefox.

You will need to have the new CSS loaded before all of the functionality of the new firmware is usable.

Another way to get the new version of CSS to update in your browser of choice is to clear the cache. The cache is a series of saved files on your local computer that the browser uses instead of downloading updated versions. Methods for clearing the cache in each browser vary, but they are well documented online.

Load Time

This version of the firmware includes significant upgrades tot he filesystem layout form previous versions, including moving kernel modules to a dedicated directory on the device /etc/modules.d instead of embedding them directly in the kernel. Because of this, the first time you flash the firmware from a previous version the process of flashing and rebooting may take up to 2 minutes. This will only happen the first time the device is upgraded. If you reset to factory defaults at a later date, the device should be back up and running in about 60 seconds.

Download Location

Version 4.9 of the firmware can be downloaded here.