Important, Please Note;

This Firmware is only for the Anonabox Pro Model which is pictured below. Attempting to flash this firmware to another device may damage it.

Special Thanks

To all of our beta tester users who suggested additional features and changes, thank you! This is internal build 41 for reference. Full build numbers are notated at the bottom of each page in the user interface, so when flashed to your device, the version number will be 4.9.41. If You are interested in becoming a test pilot for future firmware releases please let us know by filling out a contact form.

Anonabox Pro

Download Latest Firmware: Version 4.9 (Latest Stable)

File Hashes:

  • md5sum checksum: 8b268226903db42177abd1408b3ebd00
  • sha256sum checksum: 65d99409cb914dbde4c1a83efe7b77b85ff4b910fd48671bef58067c5fa8a463

New Features:

  • Upgraded Openwrt and Linux Kernel
  • New File Browser in admin interface
  • Additional Support for DNS over TLS Unbound for encrypted DNS
  • Improved CSS for usablility (make sure to clear your browser cache after upgrading)
  • Upgrade Tor to Latest recommended version
  • Add Support for onion hosting and next generation onion (V3) services. Which are more anonymous and secure.
  • Improved VPN failover saftey scripts
  • Added Unbound DNS support admin interface forease of configuration.
  • Added Support for ext4, hfsplus and ntfs filesystems over USB drive for filesharing (share contents of a USB drive on the Darkweb)
  • Added Kernel Modules for Mass USB storage devices
  • Additional Kernel Modules for external USB dongles (beta testing)
  • Updated Links in Software section to download and install open source apps from OpenWrt Community repos.
  • Additional Support for Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN
  • Additional Support for onion web hosting on USB drive mountpoints
  • Fixes for Upgrade/Flash firmware functions for future upgrades and keep settings function
  • Organized Kernel modules in separate directory /etc/modules.d for granular control of modules
  • Additional Documentation for Parental Control interface aka 'Access Control' page.
  • Minor Fix for displaying external IP address in VPN interfaces.
  • Added Portsentry by default to automatically detect incoming malicious traffic and block it. (beta)

Get a Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Trial Code

Already have an Anonabox PRO device and want to try out the new PIA VPN interface? Email us at these items:

  • Order #

  • Email Used for Order

  • Retailer (, Amazon, NewEgg, Rakuten)

Once we receive your request we will verify the information and send you a 30 day trial code for PIA VPN!

If you would like to sign up for a new account with Private Internet Access VPN service, click Here


If you are upgrading from version 4.3, you will need to take an aditional step in order to upgrade to this version because it is a major upgrade. We have written some notes about this in the wiki: wiki but in a nutshell, you need to first reset your anonabox back to factory defaults before you do the upgrade. Especially if you have been using it for a while. This only applies to versi on 4.3, and only if you have been using it for a while. Before you upgrade to 4.4, log into the admin interface and click on the system dropdown and select backup/flash firmware, and on that page click the button that says reset. You will be prompted one ti me to confirm the change. After that your device will reboot on its own, and after it is done rebooting it will be ready to upgr ade to 4.4 or higher using the regular steps below.

How to Install New Firmware

Download the file to your computer and save it somewhere where it is easily accessible, like your desktop.

Connect to the Anonabox User Interface (Step 2 in the User Manual)

Use the ‘System’ tab and select ‘Backup/Flash Firmware’.

Step 1

You may want to create a back up of your current settings. You can do so by clicking ‘Download Backup.’

Begin by clicking the ‘Perform Reset’ Button. This will erase any additional files being stored on the device and make sure you have sufficient file space for the new firmware.

Reconnect and enter the interface and navigate back to the ‘Backup/Flash Firmware’ section under the ‘System’ tab as outlined previously.

To update:

De-select the box next to ‘keep settings’

Click ‘choose file’ and find the firmware file (anonabox_model_firmware_version.bin) that you have downloaded onto your computer.

Once you have chosen that file click ‘flash image…’

Step 2

Update may take several minutes, but when completed, use your device as normal.

You may trash the downloaded file once the update is completed.