Anonabox PRO


With the Anonabox PRO, not only do you have a take-anywhere hardware solution for leveraging PIA VPN, but you also get the added privacy layer, and additional capabilities, of the Tor network in the same sleek product. It also includes an integral USB port, admin interface and our fastest chipset. Learn More

Anonabox PRO


The Tunneler by Anonabox is a small, lightweight and discrete means of leveraging VyperVPN whereever you have internet access and a WiFi capable device. Make to be take-anywhere and easy-to-use, the Tunneler gives the user advanced configuration controls through the admin interface and requires no additional downloads. Learn More


Choose the Features that Fit Your Privacy Needs:

Tunneler PRO
Tor Client
PIA VPN Interface
3rd Party VPN Interface
Tor Bridge, Relay, or Exit
Webserver (.onion hosting)
Wifi Uplink & Range Extender
USB Filesharing
Admin Interface
CPU/Chipset 400mhz 650mhz
RAM/Flash 64mb/16mb 128mb/64mb
MSRP $79.99 $119.99
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