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Alan Burwell

With so many people and businesses vying for attention everywhere we turn, as individuals, we are becoming ever more bombarded with ‘noise’. Marketers particularly have adopted the mantra of ‘louder is better’. And frankly who can blame them? The quiet personality is often seen as unintelligent, irrelevant or even threatening. Think of the quiet person in the classroom or in the office.

So why then has the Anonabox Newsletter & Blog been especially quiet of late? I’m here to claim that our silence has been a product of our behind-the-scenes efforts. We remain as excited as ever and committed to producing the most feature-rich privacy and internet freedom device on the market. To help convey that, here is a little overview of what we’ve been doing.

New VPN Partner ‘oh-so-Close’ to Launching

When we launched the Anonabox PRO, we introduced a new GUI interface as well as VPN capabilities with HideMyAss! While VPN-capable routers were not new, Anonabox was the first to include Tor along side the VPN capability. Our new GUI made using these tools simpler than ever before. While HMA! was, and remains, a great solution for many, some of our users reached out wanting to use other VPN services. This is why we’ve committed to expanding our VPN partnerships to include other top-tier VPN services for easy control through our GUI.

After an extensive back-end restructuring, our second partnership will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for an official announcement and your chance to claim a free 30-day trial with our new partner. This new capability will be available to all Anonabox PRO and Tunneler users for free by download.

South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) March 2016

Austin, Texas is earning a reputation as the Silicon Valley of the Central United States. While SXSW encompasses many genres and topics, it includes a thriving multi-day technology focus. Anonabox attended this year’s SXSW as a passive conference observer. We were able to begin fostering new business relationships as well as identify new features and market opportunities that we are continuing to explore.

In many ways, large conferences can be overwhelming. There is simply so much going on. It’s such a great example of ‘noisy’ advertising, but it does make for an interesting experience. In an effort to get beyond the hype of the conference itself, Anonabox helped sponsor an offsite panel discussion centered on Internet freedom hosted by Austin’s very own Golden Frog. Attendees were engaged and eager to participate in the discussion that included politicians and field experts on both sides of the debate. By all accounts it was a huge success.

InfoSec Southwest (ISSW) April 2016

Our time at SXSW introduced us to many forward-thinking and innovative business people. One such person presented the opportunity to attend the ISSW conference, again in Austin. ISSW turned out to be a great opportunity to connect with a tight-knit regional community of information security professionals, advocates and hackers. Our presences included a small booth where we talked in-depth to current and prospective users and introduced our privacy solution to dedicated security-minded individuals. The conference included several talks from industry professionals and leading hackers from the community. If you are in the Austin area, check them out HERE and plan for next year!

Choose Your VPN Contest

As we continue to build out our VPN partnerships, we want to hear from you regarding the providers you would like to see integrated with the Anonabox PRO and Tunneler devices. Click Here to enter the contest by selecting your favorite VPN providers, and get more entries for sharing the contest, joining our newsletter, and following us on social media.

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