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Alan Burwell

The Search

When we announced our first VPN partner, our goal was to make protecting Internet privacy and security easy for everyday users. Making a VPN accessible through the Anonabox was a great start in accomplishing this. To make our tool accessible however, we need additional partners. The search began.

We started listing prospective VPN providers evaluating service speed, server selection and reliability. We tried to discern core values like a commitment to a free and open Internet, ease of use, and trustworthiness. I even poked around forums and engaged our current users to help decide which partners would be suitable options. Gathering this information was difficult, sometimes near impossible, and downright time consuming.

Then I Met Liz

For all the research we did in establishing which providers to court, it was Liz Kintzele of Golden Frog who actually reached out first. At the time, I was very much focused on launching our Indiegogo Campaign for John Draper and didn’t immediately give Liz my proper attention. As I worked with John, I came to learn that he had long used and relied upon VyprVPN, and was a staunch advocate. He was quick to point out that VyprVPN didn't use third-party hardware and used proprietary software to avert VPN blocking. He also knew VyprVPN to be one of the fastest VPNs on the market. All this I knew would be of high value to our users. When I reached back out to Liz, I hoped I hadn’t missed our opportunity.

It was clear early on that VyprVPN would be a key partner for us. In working with Liz and her team, I found that privacy, Internet accessibility, and innovation were NOT just catch phrases, but core values. It was easy enough to learn that VyprVPN has 700+ servers in 50+ countries worldwide, but they didn’t boast about it. In fact the conversations were almost always devoid of self-promotion. Instead our talks focused on fulfilling our mutual ongoing commitment to freedom of Internet. I'm not sure we could have found a partner better aligned with our own values.

VyprVPN is Here to Stay

I couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with VyprVPN. With our mutual commitment to privacy and innovation, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you’re not familiar with their service, learn more about VyprVPN by clicking HERE. If you already have one of our VPN capable devices, visit our UPDATE section to download the latest capabilities. Be sure to also sign up for our NEWSLETTER for the latest happenings, how-tos, promotions and announcements.

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