About Us

Passion for Privacy Innovation Technology

Anonabox is an innovative hardware company focused on providing internet security, privacy and freedom for all users. Utilizing the Tor Network and additional VPN services, our affordable devices help to conceal web browsing, emails, file sharing, and other digital entrails that typically follow web activity. Founded in 2014 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, Anonabox is now offering multiple devices aimed at a wide variety of users who wish to protect all aspects of their online activity.

To help decide which Anonabox router is right for you, view our product comparison or buyer's guide.

Founded 2014

We started on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and are now shipping internationally.

Acquired in 2015

We were acquired in March of 2015 by Sochule, Inc, an innovative technology holding company.

Located in Chico, CA

Our headquarters are based in beautiful Chico, California, USA

USA Developed Software

All of our devices are flashed and assembled in the U.S. at our Chico, CA office.

Tor Network

Our devices use the Tor Network to protect your privacy and provide anonymity.

VPN Capabilites

Users may choose their own personal VPN service or leverage our unique partnership with HideMyAss! and their HMA! VPN Pro service for an added level of encryption.


Who We Are

We are a small team of designers, developers, engineers, and privacy professionals with a passion for providing top quality products and customer support. Interested in joining the team? Contact Us today to inquire about current job openings.

August Germar August Germar Founder & CTO August is a security, privacy and IT guru with over 20 years of relevant experience. In addition to being a SysAdmin, he also owned his own ISP for 10+ years. Twitter Linkedin
Dog Dog Cleanup Yes you read that correctly, its a dog named dog. Adopted from Butte County animal shelter in 2016, we think she is some kind of Chihuahua / Wiener mix but honestly, your guess is as good as anyones. She is named after a fictional (probably) character in the NOFX song 'Linoleum'. Linkedin
Matt Forster Matt Forster COO Matt is a highly experienced mobile app and digital media project manager. He is also the Director of Operations at Sochule.com, Proximitel, and HelloTel App. Linkedin
Sean Murphy Sean Murphy VP of Public Relations Sean is a professional writer with over 20 years of experience. His work includes all manner of media outreach, facilitating product discussion, and handling media requests. Twitter Linkedin
Alan Burwell Alan Burwell VP of Operations Alan brings over 8 years of Leadership, Sales, Marketing and eCommerce expertise to the team. He is responsible for coordinating all key business functions for Anonabox. Linkedin
Kevin Rys Kevin Rys VP of Technology Kevin brings over 15 years of experience in research, design and development, with a focus on blending art and technology to create innovative and user friendly solutions. Twitter Linkedin
Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis Lead Research Analyst Jeremy has an extensive background in PR & the hospitality industry including management, sales, & marketing. He is responsible for research, sales leads, and project development. Twitter Linkedin
David Anderson David Anderson Creative Director David is a seasoned designer, developer, and digital illustrator, bringing 10 years of experience to the team. As our Creative Director he manages all Anonabox visual assets. Linkedin
Jennifer Palhegyi Storey Anderson Project Manager Storey brings over 10 years of marketing, client relations, and project leadership experience to the team. She is also the Lead Project Manager for Social Media 180. Linkedin
Glenn Rush Glenn Rush Lead Designer Glenn is a senior creative with over 7 years in communication design. Utilizing branding and UI/UX expertise to create meaningful, pleasurable, and memorable experiences. Linkedin
Kira Maker Kira Maker Junior Designer Kira is new to the design world, and a recent graduate of Chico State University. She works directly with our creative team to create visual assets for Anonabox. Linkedin
Jennifer Palhegyi Jennifer Palhegyi Content Marketing Manager Jennifer, a marketing & social media enthusiast and Chico State University senior, creates, produces, and posts content daily to promote the Anonabox's brand online. Linkedin