• The latest firmware is out! Our first release since being accepted into the OpenWrt Trunk! Lots of new features and Updates.

  • VyprVPN Plus Anonabox
    Anonabox Plus VyprVPN

    The world’s fastest VPN service is now fully integrated with Anonabox Tunneler and Pro, allowing you to surf securely and privately through VyprVPN’s 700+ servers in over 50 countries with absolutely no third parties.

  • Anonabox Original Logo

    Plug & Play Tor Router

    Anonabox Original Product Shot
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      No Installation Required

      No configuration, installation or software to download.

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      Online Browsing Privacy

      Anonymize your online browsing and stop ad targeting.

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      Access The Deep Web

      Easily connect to and access the deep web on any device.

  • Anonabox PRO Logo

    WiFi Tor & VPN Router

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      Dedicated USB Port

      Share files securely and host .onion websites.

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      Tor & VPN Embedded

      Added privacy, encryption, and location specific anonymity.

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      Upgraded Hardware

      More memory & a faster processor increase performance.

    Free VPN Trial Included

    Try HMA! & VyprVPN for 30 Days
  • Anonabox Tunneler Logo

    Portable WiFi VPN Router

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      Change Your Location

      Access the internet as if from another country.

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      Encrypt Your Data

      Deter hackers and other spyware with VPN.

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      Connect Multiple Devices

      Use VPN on your phone, laptop, TV, or any WiFi device.

    Free VPN Trial Included

    Try HMA! & VyprVPN for 30 Days
  • Anonabox Fawkes Logo

    Portable WiFi Tor Router

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      Admin Interface

      Customize your password, WiFi network name, & more.

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      WiFi Range Extender

      Boost your WiFi signal throughout your home or office.

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      Connect to the Tor Network

      Access the deep web and anonymize your location.